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Are your athletes ready to take on the next challenge? Who is fit for a heavy training session and who could use a break? We are the fastest , most accurate and truly real-time solution for recovery management and training readiness assessment.

Checkmylevel provides professional coaches with a fast and reliable way to analyze the personal readiness of each athlete, based on the recovery level of their muscle system.


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The complete Checkmylevel solution for teams and fitness trainers includes assessment devices, a mobile app, tablet and a cloud service for all the data.

For coaches and performance professionals

Checkmylevel enables you to optimize the training and recovery or all your players and athletes. The analysis is based on personal baseline, not on nominal averages.

With Checkmylevel, you have a real-time view of the recovery level of each individual. The data helps to plan for intensive training while avoiding overtraining syndrome and reducing the risk of injury.

The readiness assessment is especially beneficial in sports requiring speed, strength, skill and coordination - including all team sports.

The Team package includes Checkmylevel assessment devices, mobile apps, and a cloud service for coaches and performance professionals. Bringing together all the data, the cloud service allows coaches and performance professionals to monitor the training response and recovery status of all their athletes in real-time.

For fitness professionals and personal trainers

Checkmylevel is an essential tool to monitor and analyze your customers and their recovery levels. The analysis is based on personal baseline, not on nominal averages.

With Checkmylevel, you can guide your customers to optimize their training and recovery, avoid overtraining and reduce injuries. Easy-to-use data helps customers in all levels, from experienced enthusiasts to those struggling to get going.

The readiness assessment is especially beneficial in fitness sports, which typically require speed, strength, skill and coordination.

Fitness trainer package includes Checkmylevel assessment devices, mobile apps, and a cloud service that allows trainers to monitor the recovery status of all their customers.


  • "I have used Checkmylevel with world-class football players and also with olympic athletes, which gives me the possibility to monitor their parasympathetic activity and recovery status from earlier workouts. Having an idea of the athletes homeostatic algorithm is key when it comes to manual treatment that equals training."

    - Frédéric Van Burm, DO, MSc.Ost. International football osteopath, Belgium

  • "Using Checkmylevel with professional football players is an intelligent way to understand training individualization for optimal performance. It is a great tool when we develop our players to give their best throughout the season, while avoiding overtraining and also reducing the percentage of functional injuries."

    - Fran Albert, Physical Coach, Real Zaragoza Football Club

  • "In my team, we use Checkmylevel to monitor players' exercise readiness and recovery both on and off season. I've been very pleased with information given by the system and I can warmly recommend it to all forward-thinking coaches"

    - Janne Hänninen, physical coach, Avangard Omsk (KHL)

  • "I use Checkmylevel to monitor my athletes' training readiness and recovery levels. It has proven to be an essential tool for me and my athletes, especially when traveling."

    - Marko Yrjovuori, Physical Trainer, LA Lakers & Finnish National Basketball team

When HRV just doesn’t cut it.

The Checkmylevel method assesses the state of the peripheral nervous system, which is directly linked to e.g. reaction times. The assessment brings real-time information on the state of neuromuscular fatigue.

In contrast, cardiovascular assessments such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provide a measure of the status of the central nervous system. Scientific research shows that HRV measurement cannot reliably define training readiness in strength, skill and coordination intensive sports.

Assessing the status of the peripheral and central nervous systems also differs in their ability to convey the information real-time. Changes in recovery status are typically visible in HRV measurements with a delay of several days, whereas the Checkmylevel method is able to provide early signals as they appear.

The Checkmylevel method is developed in close cooperation with professional athletes and leading sports scientists in Finland.

"Bio-electrical current response measured at home is associated with psychomotor speed, particularly motor time to visual warning signal. If the response to electrical stimulus is delayed, motor time is slower. It appears that bio-electrical current response method is a promising tool to evaluate neuromuscular status of soccer players at home conditions during training and recovery."

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Department of Exercise and Medical Physiology, Verve Research (Oulu, Finland):


More research information on the Checkmylevel -method available on request.