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Checkmylevel is a revolutionary new way to assess your personal readiness, based on the recovery level of your muscles. We are the fastest, most accurate and truly real-time solution for recovery monitoring and training readiness assessment.

30 -second assessment of muscular and nervous readiness before training guides you to keep going, train harder, or slow down to recover.

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Let your body do the talking

Checkmylevel assesses the load in your nerves and muscles. The method is rooted in the physiological phenomena of a muscle reflex generated by specific low-voltage current. Precise assessment of the delay and intensity of the reflex provides a score of the total load on the muscles and nerves. The score enables an accurate real-time score of athletes’ readiness.

The Checkmylevel assessment is based on personal baseline, not on nominal values. Therefore it is the most accurate method for recovery analysis. We recommend an assessment every day but you can also assess more seldomly depending on your training schedule.

The Checkmylevel kit includes an assessment device and a mobile app.

Assessment device

Assessment device is the link between your body and the mobile application. The device sends a specific low-current electric signal to your peripheral nervous system and records the response. The result is wirelessly transferred to the mobile application.

Mobile application

Mobile application analyses the measurement result and compares it to your personal baseline based on previous results. The application provides you with easy-to-use real-time information on your readiness and suggests how to optimize your training.

Assess your readiness every morning and select the best workout for your body.

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For athletes

Checkmylevel is ideally suited for professional and amateur athletes.

How do you know if you should train today? Maybe your body would benefit the most if you take it easy and rest instead. Committed athletes tend to keep on training even when not properly recovered, which poses serious risks. Pushing too much at a wrong time may lead to decreased performance, overtraining, even injury.

Checkmylevel provides an exact assessment of your recovery and readiness, enabling you to optimize training and recovery. The method is especially useful for sports requiring speed, strength, skill and coordination but also works great with endurance sports. With Checkmylevel you have real-time information on the recovery status of your nerves and muscles, helping you to avoid overtraining syndrome and reduce injuries.


For weekend warriors

Checkmylevel helps everyone to train like a professional... and rest like one too.

Are you training four times a week or more? Checkmylevel enables you to improve your performance and avoid setbacks. The readiness of your body to exercise is affected not only by the workout load, but also the mental stress caused by work, lack of sleep, bad nutrition and few other factors.

Checkmylevel provides an exact measure of your readiness, enabling you to optimize training and recovery. The method is especially useful for sports requiring speed, strength, skill and coordination. With Checkmylevel you have real-time information on the state of your nerves and muscles, helping you to avoid overtraining syndrome and reduce injuries.



  • “I've used several recovery measurement systems, but the Checkmylevel system is the one I'm still using. It's the most accurate system and is really easy to use. It gives me direct feedback on my recovery, and the data is comparable to how I feel physically. A great recovery tool!"

    - Boaz Meylink World championship Bronze Men’s 8, 2015, qualified to Olympics in Rio 2016

  • “Trying to become the best athlete is a challenge itself, and that is why it is helpful to have a tool that helps monitor my recovery, as this is directly linked to my overall health. My physician from the Olympic support team states that staying healthy is the most important thing to succeed as an athlete, and this is where the Checkmylevel device is important."

    - Tina Røe Skaar, Norway,Norwegian National Taekwondo Team, qualified to Olympics in Rio 2016

  • “I like the Checkmylevel system because it keeps a chain on things on days where I would have pushed into the 'injury zone’"

    - William Sharman, 110m hurdler, British National Team European Championships 2014, Silver Medalist

  • "I started using Checkmylevel in the summer of 2015 and immediately began to adapt my workout regiment to the recommendations I got from the device. During the season I got a very low readiness when I was training too hard, and it was nice to get confirmation that this was not me being weak or just something in my head. The device then guided me back to recovery.“

    - Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir, two-time Olympic athlete from Iceland


  • “I use Checkmylevel everyday for recovery measurement. It is a very easy and short test and it gives me direct feedback on my training readiness. Depending on my readiness, my training will be adjusted in consultation with my coach. This gives me the opportunity to train hard, but not too hard."

    - Dirk Uittenbogaard World championship Bronze Men’s 8, 2015, qualified to Olympics in Rio 2016

  • “Checkmylevel has been a great tool and help for me to understand how different sessions affect my body and when I need extra rest. It is also a great tool when you are preparing for competition so that you increase the chance to perform at peak. I really like how easy it is to use and I have been avoiding injuries since I started using Checkmylevel."

    - Tom Baptiste, 100m & 200m sprinter, Swedish National Team


  • “To build the right training plan you need to train hard only when your body has recovered. Checkmylevel has been one of keys for my success enabling me to run over 60 races without over-training. The best one is not the one who trains the most but the one who trains the smartest."

    - Mårten Boström, Sprint Orienteering World Champion, Finnish National Team


  • “Checkmylevel has been a useful tool for me to balance tough training and resting. It helps me to decide whether or not my body ready for the next practice, making training more efficient. It has been also interesting that despite a lot of resting recently, my levels has been low, indicating some problem in my body. A problem which was later verified as CAM in both my hips."

    - Stefan Tärnhuvud, 100m, Swedish National Team


  • "For me, a professional MMA fighter, it is very important to optimize my workouts - especially when I am preparing for a match. Checkmylevel has helped me to know when to rest and when to push harder"

    - Mikael Silander, MMA Fighter, #9 in European Flyweight


  • “It is surprising how much strength and speed qualities matter in snowboard cross. While training off-season Checkmylevel has provided me valuable information on my readiness and level of recovery. Therefore, together with my coach I'm able to avoid overtraining and injuries - so I'm ready to win races when I jump back on my board!"

    - Anton Lindfors, Finland, Snowboarder

  • "I´m a 400m hurdler runner and have compete for the national team for Iceland in athletics. I also have fibromyalgia. I have been using Checkmylevel since April 2013 and it has helped me a lot to understand my limitation and recovery time. When I feel tired and Checkmylevel confirms it that I should slow down I think it is good knowing that I´m not lazy, I just need to rest."

    - Fjóla Hannesdóttir, Iceland, 400m hurdler runner

  • "Checkmylevel has helped me to train more efficiently, to optimize recovery and to avoid muscle-based injuries. The solution is easy to use and the results are available for coaches in real-time."

    - Ville Peltonen #16, 382 NHL games, 143 National Team games, ex-Captain for the Finnish Lions

  • “I have used most of the recovery devices on the market and Checkmylevel is by far the best! With Ironman training, work and family commitments I consider Checkmylevel a critical tool to my success."

    - Chris Pitzak, USA, Ironman All World Athlete, former Pro Volleyball Player and finance geek


When HRV just doesn’t cut it.

The Checkmylevel method assesses the state of the peripheral nervous system, which is directly linked to reaction times. The measure brings real-time information on the level of neuromuscular load.

In contrast, cardiovascular assessments such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provide a measure of the state of the central nervous system. Scientific research shows that HRV measurement cannot reliably define training readiness in strength, skill and coordination intensive sports.

Assessing the state of peripheral and central nervous systems also differs in real-time versus delay. Changes in recovery status are typically visible in HRV measurements with a delay of several days, whereas the Checkmylevel method is able to provide early signals as they appear.

The Checkmylevel method is developed in close cooperation with professional athletes and leading sports scientists in Finland.

"Bio-electrical current response measured at home is associated with psychomotor speed, particularly motor time to visual warning signal. If the response to electrical stimulus is delayed, motor time is slower. It appears that bio-electrical current response method is a promising tool to evaluate neuromuscular status of soccer players at home conditions during training and recovery."

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Department of Exercise and Medical Physiology, Verve Research (Oulu, Finland):


More research information on the Checkmylevel -method available on request.