Where can I buy Checkmylevel?
Checkmylevel is available at our webstore or you can contact our distributor in your country.

Finland: FysioStore
Czech Republic: Sports Medical
Iceland: Skal Vil Get
Poland: Sport Kurs
Portugal: Atitudes D’Epoca Lda
Korea: Woojin Meditec Korea Co.,Ltd.
What is the history of Checkmylevel?
The origins of Checkmylevel are on electric treatment to race horses. It was discovered that the body of a race horse reacted differently to electric current depending on the fatigue level. The phenomena was studied extensively and the Checkmylevel method was developed in cooperation with Finnish sport scientists for professional athletes and medical use. It is based on the well known phenomena of peripheral muscle reflex caused by electric stimulation. We have utilized this knowledge to develop a unique method to track and measure specific neural waves. The method was first commercialized for physiotherapy and later as FAM Sports Training Optimizer -device in 2010. In 2013 Checkmylevel device and service was released for global sports markets. Checkmylevel is especially aimed for sport requiring explosive power, speed, skill and coordination. Checkmylevel provides a quick, daily assessment and training advice and is sensitive to physiological changes in your body (such as infections and trauma).
Are there any age restrictions?
Checkmylevel should only be used by people 16 years and older. A person suffering from heart problems, cancer or epilepsy should not use the device. The electrodes in the device should not be positioned on top of infected area, injury or metal bone support. The device should not be used when having fever, general infection or sepsis. The use of device should be stopped in case of skin symptoms.
How to make an assessment?
You should make the assessment everyday at morning right after you have woken up. To reserve accurate and comparable results you should stabilize the time of the assessment. When you are doing the assessment relax your arm from shoulder down. Place your elbow and hand relaxed on a table also try to place the electrode every time to the same place as far left as possible on inside of your left wrist. Make sure before you start the assessment your whole hand and arm is relaxed. More detailed information, look Checkmylevel user manual.
I have issues with the Bluetooth connection. How can I solve them?
If you encounter issues with Bluetooth, the first thing is to check that the battery you are using is fresh. The battery will drain out even when the device is not used due to the stand-by mode of Bluetooth. When the battery on the device is wearing out, the Bluetooth connectivity becomes unstable. You should also try to disconnect the pairing from the "Settings" tab and connect the CHECK device again. Also disconnecting other Bluetooth -devices (like headsets) should help. Finally you can try to uninstall and reinstall the Checkmylevel Application. The data will be stored in the cloud and will be downloaded back in to your app automatically when you log in again.
How long I can use the electrode before changing it?
The time you can use the same electrode varies depending on your skin type, your hairiness, humidity and how the electrodes have been stored. For some people the electrode last only few assessments and some can use same electrode even for a week.
How to interpret the results?
The first result you can see at mobile application is Training Readiness. Training readiness is based on previous days and it explains short time recovery level from last few days. Under the readiness meter you can see Training recommendation that is based on your assessment history and your sympathetic and parasympathetic load levels. The last thing is long term recommendation which have 5 levels from Get Help to Increase Intensity. This recommendation is based on long term recovery.
The Readiness changes from 0 to 100. If you get Readiness over 90 you should increase the intensity of your training, normal variation if there is no problems with recovery is between 50 and 90, 90 meaning you are fully recovered from yesterday’s training, but sometimes even if there is no problems with recovery you should get Readiness under 50 if you have trained especially hard yesterday. Therefore - in some cases - the Readiness might change significantly (e.g. after maximum intensity training session) but the Recommendation will stay the same. Therefore the changes in the Recommendation should be analyzed, preferably by a coach or a medical professional.
Where can I find the user manual?
You can find user manual here and print it for you. Notice that you got quick guide with your device.
Which smartphone and tablet models are supported?
We support Android OS versions 4.0-> with the following models tested: HTC One, HTC One X, HTC Rhyme S510b, Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, S5, S3 Mini, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Gio, Nexus 5. We do recommend updating to version 4.4 for all applicable devices.

With Apple we support iOS 8.0-> -compatible devices with the following models tested: iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. Our App also works with iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPad Retina and iPad Air.