As sports is becoming increasingly professional, coaches need to try new methods instead of relying on the same systems as always before  says Head Coach Dr. David Cook, Norwegian National Taekwondo Team

When Dr. David Cook started working with the Norwegian National Taekwondo team he had a clear mission in mind:
to improve the level of the Norwegian National team so that qualification and success in Rio 2016 were realistic goals.
Quite quickly, however, he realized that even though he knew in principle what a professional athlete needs to develop and succeed, the complex nature of the human system and the many environmental interactions meant that ‘theory-in-practice’ required much more. They would lose important training days if they didn’t have a greater understanding of the athlete’s body and responses to training modality and load.

Gaining valuable information about recovery

As sports is becoming increasingly professional, coaches need to try new methods instead of relying on the same systems as always before. When David heard about Checkmylevel, he got really interested in the neuromuscular approach, which could provide important information about the state of neuromuscular fatigue.

“I have now used the system for over a year. Nowadays, I start my days by looking at the morning readings and they help me adjust the training for each athlete individually. Without Checkmylevel I would not be able to make as informed a decision with respect to athlete recovery. This type of information is very important for me as a coach”  says David.

Pre-plan the training days and get better results

For the team, one of the concrete results of Checkmylevel has been avoiding
illnesses. As the human body is very complex, athletes don’t always feel
what’s going on in their bodies. Because of the daily measurements, David can get data from the actual state of an athlete’s body and pre-tune the training days accordingly.

“Of course, Checkmylevel is not the answer to everything, but for a lot of
coaches and athletes it can truly improve perspectives on training. It’s crucial
to know when you can work out hard and when you should take it easy.
Checkmylevel gives you a combined quantitative-qualitative measure which
is easy to understand and helps you in making decisions about how to train”
David says.

“Daily measurements show the actual state of the body and help you
adjust the training plan.”
 Dr. David Cook
Head Coach Norwegian Taekwondo Team

Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila
Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila


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