KIHU's (Research Institute for Olympic Sports) aim is to find and test methods and devices that can help athletes. For measuring recovery and training load they have used Checkmylevel, which was being tested with the men’s national volleyball team.


Ease and quickness of use in a crucial role

Mikko Häyrinen and Aki Karjalainen, both experts at KIHU (Research Institute for Olympic Sports), tested the Checkmylevel product with the men’s national volleyball team at a training camp when the team was preparing for the European Volleyball Championship.
Häyrinen and Karjalainen wanted to trial various methods that can be used
to measure recovery and training load. At the camp, the players took the test
every morning and made notes of their overall condition.

“The measurements worked out well and also the athletes found them easy to
take. On top of that, even though it’s a big team we were able to use a smaller
number of devices, as everyone didn’t need a device of their own”, says Aki
Karjalainen, a development expert of ball games at KIHU.

A functional tool as part of the bigger picture

Mikko Häyrinen, too, appreciates the easiness and quickness of the tests, as it
saves the athlete’s time and energy. KIHU is also interested in measuring the
training load of the neuromuscular system with Checkmylevel, as there hasn’t
been a reliable method available for this purpose until now.

An athlete is a complex combination of many things, and one test can’t give
answers to everything, but Checkmylevel can serve as a useful supportive tool
as one part of the bigger picture,” says Mikko Häyrinen, KIHU’s team sports
specialist and assistant coach of men’s national volleyball team.

Checkmylevel help you train right and be better.

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For the team, the tests
were very easy and quick
to take.”
- Mikko Häyrinen



Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila
Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila


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