“Checkmylevel  helped create 
individual training plans 
for the athletes.”

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KIHU's (Research Institute for Olympic Sports) aim is to find and test methods and devices that can help athletes. For measuring recovery and training load they have used Checkmylevel, which was being tested with the men’s national volleyball team.


Ease and quickness of use in a crucial role

Mikko Häyrinen and Aki Karjalainen, both experts at KIHU (Research Institute for Olympic Sports), tested the Checkmylevel product with the men’s national volleyball team at a training camp when the team was preparing for the European Volleyball Championship.
Häyrinen and Karjalainen wanted to trial various methods that can be used
to measure recovery and training load. At the camp, the players took the test
every morning and made notes of their overall condition.

“The measurements worked out well and also the athletes found them easy to
take. On top of that, even though it’s a big team we were able to use a smaller
number of devices, as everyone didn’t need a device of their own”, says Aki
Karjalainen, a development expert of ball games at KIHU.

A functional tool as part of the bigger picture

Mikko Häyrinen, too, appreciates the easiness and quickness of the tests, as it
saves the athlete’s time and energy. KIHU is also interested in measuring the
training load of the neuromuscular system with Checkmylevel, as there hasn’t
been a reliable method available for this purpose until now.

An athlete is a complex combination of many things, and one test can’t give
answers to everything, but Checkmylevel can serve as a useful supportive tool
as one part of the bigger picture,” says Mikko Häyrinen, KIHU’s team sports
specialist and assistant coach of men’s national volleyball team.

Checkmylevel help you train right and be better.

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For the team, the tests
were very easy and quick
to take.”
- Mikko Häyrinen





“The tests showed  the readiness of  an athlete for the games.”

  “The Checkmylevel tests showed the readiness of an athlete for the games.” Petri Kettunen, Head Coach, Finland Men’s National Floorball


 Petri Kettunen, Finland men’s national floorball team head coach of the 2016 world champions, made use of the data given by Checkmylevel during the important tournament. He wanted information about his athletes’ performance to find out their readiness for the games. Based on the results, he was able to make changes to his team’s line-up.


The tests pointed out sicknesses

The players carried out tests for two weeks. They started using Checkmylevel at a preparatory training camp, and then continued throughout the tourna­ment week, doing the test every morning before breakfast. With the results, the head coach and the medical staff were able to monitor the athletes’ per­formance and the actual state of their body. The athletes themselves were not allowed to see their test results.

“The tests gave us the confirmation and assurance we were looking for about the state of the athlete’s body. During the week, some players fell sick, and Checkmylevel spotted these cases. The readings were extremely useful – with their help we knew in advance who needs to focus on getting better and take a day off,” Petri says.


Understanding the training needs

This time, the team applied the Checkmylevel test results only during the actual tournament week. According to Petri, using the product on a daily basis through­out the year would give the greatest benefits to athletes and coaches. The data would tell them how the athlete’s body responds to and endures different modes of training, also providing them with a better understanding of the training needs.

“When you combine these results to the other data available, we get the fullest possible picture of the status of an athlete’s body. This way we can count on each player being ready for the important games when they begin,” Petri says.

“The Checkmylevel tests showed
the readiness of
an athlete for the games.”
-Petri Kettunen


Checkmylevel help you train right and be better.

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"Results through rest; Information about internal changes of the body helps to know when athletes need rest"

Janne Hänninen, Sports Director of the Finnish Speed Skating Association
has Checkmylevel user experience as the sprint coach of the Norwegian speed skating team and as the assistant coach of the HIFK and Avangard Omsk ice hockey teams alongside the head coach Raimo Summanen. 


Results through rest
When Janne Hänninen started his work as the sprint coach of the Norwegian speed skating team, he wanted to get information about the training load of an athlete’s body. Heart rate based solutions provide this data with delay,  and from Hänninen’s point of view, they do not work reliably enough regarding sprint and team sports. Checkmylevel was an answer to this need. It’s a fast and reliable indicator of the state of the human nervous system.

Proactive information about the human body
According to Janne, coaching is always based on assumptions. After a resting day, the athlete’s body is expected to be recovered and ready to train even harder.     Even if the athlete is feeling good and rested, the measurements may still sometimes suggest the opposite. This is one of the main reasons why Janne relies on Checkmylevel.

“Quite often we’ve found ourselves in a situation where the athlete is feeling okay after having rested the previous day. But still the measurements tell us a whole different story. And what do you know, by evening the athlete’s temperature is rising. With the help of Checkmylevel, we’ve been able to monitor the internal changes
of the body in advance and adjust our training program accordingly,”
Janne says.

Measurements reveal the need of rest

Hänninen has contentedly used the solution for many years already. When
he was the assistant coach of the Avangard Omsk ice hockey team alongside
the head coach Raimo Summanen, the entire team was using Checkmylevel.

“By looking at the results, I could make suggestions to Summanen, who
then made changes to the training sessions as needed. We discovered that
the measurements helped us detect when the athletes needed to rest. If the
readings raised any red flags, we gave the athlete a day off or made changes
in the training plan. It’s exactly these kinds of extra resting days that have
brought us such positive results,” says Janne.

Janne Hänninen,
Sports Director of the Finnish Speed Skating Association

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