Tina Røe Skaar: "Staying healthy is the most important thing to succeed as an athlete"

Norwegian National Taekwondo Team started to use Checkmylevel about a year ago. Their Head Coach Dr David Cook decided that athletes will have two accounts each and they will do assessments every morning and evening. Checkmylevel provides the option to hide all the results from the athletes and only coaches can see them, Coach Cook decided to also use this option. We got short user review from Tina Røe Skaar, full-time Norwegian National Taekwondo Team.


The Checkmylevel system is to me a valuable tracking device for monitoring my health situation. As a full-time athlete training almost every day, staying healthy is my first priority. Without having the energy and being able to perform when it is necessary, making continuous progress, improving and steadily achieving new targets becomes a challenge. Trying to become the best athlete is a challenge itself, and that is why it is helpful to have a tool that helps monitor my recovery, as this is directly linked to my overall health. My physician from the Olympic support team states that staying healthy is the most important thing to succeed as an athlete, and this is where the Checkmylevel device is important.

To be in good health as an athlete, it is crucial to make the right decisions and priorities in your everyday life. Factors like sleep, restitution, diet and nutrition, hygiene and mental well-being are all important for good health. To assist in making the right decisions with my own health, the Checkmylevel works as a strong addition to the coach-player dynamic. The National team coach tracks the daily changes (morning and evening) of the scores associated with the Checkmylevel system. Actual results are seen solely by our coach who then shares with us when necessary and adapts our sessions (individually or group) appropriately. This has been a positive approach, as we already have many things to deal with already in our daily lives as athletes.

The Checkmylevel device easily fits into my daily routines. I use the Checkmylevel twice a day, after I wake up in the morning and right before I go to bed. When using the Checkmylevel you use the reusable electrodes that and your phone with the downloaded Checkmylevel application. The electrodes are easily placed on the left arm, before you plug it into the Checkmylevel device and connect the bluetooth on the device to your phone. The "Checking my level"-process lasts no more than approximately 5 seconds. At the end of each session the device also has a subjective measure that considers training intensity etc., which enables an objective-subjective relationship to be made. The data that comes in every day gets logged and saved on my user-ID in the application, making it possible to monitor the results using graphs and statistics that the application generates. After setting a baseline (approximately 7 days) you can after a period of use, analyse days with low scores or sickness, and start to identify patterns that may be causal factors. The scores are based on percentages and colour codes. Green means you are ready for training, yellow means you are okay, but it is not ideal and might need adapted training; and orange/red that the health status is low and you should rest or maybe seek a physician. This system makes it very simple to make sense of.

The Checkmylevel is an easy device to use, and has been very helpful for me since I started using it. Personally, as an athlete I have been prone to illness, resulting in breaks and periods off training. Checkmylevel system had made these situations easier to identify and in turn put in strategies to deal with. As such, I believe the Checkmylevel system is a valuable tool for any athlete or active person wanting to keep track of their health, and to more easily read their body ‘signals’ to maintain an active lifestyle.

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