Article at Tempaus 02/2015 Weightlifter Eero Retulainen on his way to Rio2016

At the beginning of the summer there was an article on Tempaus-magazine which is magazine of Finnish weightlifting association.

Here is short English summary of the article.

Finnish assessment system tells your body’s recovery level

Checkmylevel tells recovery and readiness level of your body quicker and more specifically than more traditional heart rate-based assessment systems.

System will assess readiness of peripheral nervous system which is important for athletes whose sport demands speed, strength, skills and accuracy. With the assessment you can get information about your recovery and intensity of your training. Thanks to the system it is easier for athletes and coaches to decide if the body is ready to following day’s exercise or should they increase or decrease the training. Athlete will see Training readiness index which tells state your recovery from yesterday’s training. Coaches can see all results from all of their athletes regardless of their location.

Weightlifter from national team has good experiences with Checkmylevel

Weightlifter Eero Retulainen is one of the users of Checkmylevel.
”I have used the assessment system for year so the device has learned to know my body.”
“I have gained information that I can use before and after training and also when preparing for competition.”
“From the assessment results I can tell how I have slept.”
The article was written by Juha Lantto.