”Knowing the training readiness is key for optimal and smart performance.” Francisco J. Albert Garcia, Physical Coach, Real Valladolid CF


Francisco J. Albert,  Ph.D. in Sports Medicine, is the strength & conditioning coach of Real Valladolid CF. He has also worked with a number of other teams, including Real Zaragoza, Real Club Celta de Vigo, CD Castellon and UD Salamanca.
One of the things he specifically stresses in training is the recovery process. Earlier, he had to rely solely on the athlete’s own evaluation of how they felt. Now he has used Checkmylevel for many years already, and it gives him just
the right tools to get objective data of the athletes’ training adaptation, helping him as a coach manage the training or competition load as needed.

Knowing the readiness of the athlete
Quite often fitness coaches tend to focus on the training load, but Fran
emphasizes the importance of the recovery process and the readiness of
an athlete. He points out that even though the athlete has had a day-off,
they may not have fully recovered yet.

“Using Checkmylevel helps me respect the balance between loading and
recovery to avoid prolonged fatigue and abnormal training responses. It
decreases the risk of injury and illness. Before Checkmylevel, I used to
keep track of sleep quality and quantity but that was not enough – there
are other factors that can influence the athlete’s recovery, too. Now, I can
monitor recovery and manage external and internal loads to optimally
configure training, competition and other loads to maximize performance
with minimal risk of injury,” says Fran.

Avoiding the risk of overtraining
Fran measures the athletes twice a week: first after a resting day and then just
before the weekend when the team usually has a match coming up. With the help
of the results, he gets to know what the recovery status of a player is and how
they can take in a training session or a match. By adjusting the training plan, he
can help them avoid overtraining and injuries.

“Checkmylevel is a reliable way to analyze the readiness of each athlete based
on the recovery level of their muscle system. We can find out if the athlete is in an
optimal condition considering performance. That’s extremely valuable because
poor load management could also be a major risk factor for injury,” Fran says.

Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila
Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila


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