“Checkmylevel  helped create  individual training plans for the athletes.”  - Niina Sippola, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sotkamon Jymy Baseball Team

 Niina Sippola, the strength and conditioning coach of Sotkamon Jymy, got interested in the Checkmylevel product as she was curious to learn about the variety of measurements it could do and find out what they could tell her about the training load of an athlete. With the help of the measurements, she’s been able to create more specific and tailored training programs for the athletes to support them in becoming stronger.

Mental stress factors revealed

Niina has used the Checkmylevel test both during the training period and in-season. The tests carried out during the training period gave her information about the athletes’ training load and how training affects each athlete individually. With Checkmylevel, Niina could even pick up some of the mental stress factors the athletes may have.

”For example, if an athlete had suffered from a number of injuries, the tests
revealed that even hard training didn’t seem to have an impact on their bodies,
which I found surprising. But when we talked about this, it turned out they were
worried that the training might cause them the wrong kind of pain and that was
holding them back from going all out in the training. This is probably something
we wouldn’t have learned without the tests”, Niina Sippola says.

Concrete information about the training load for the athletes

During the competition season, the true training load after a game could be
revealed with the help of the tests. The athletes also received a concrete understanding of what their body is telling them and what factors affect the training load level. This way they learn to recognize how important remedial exercises and for instance sleep are.

“One of the athletes told me that during the competition season he had learned
to interpret his body and how it reacted to the games and how to recover from
them. The tests helped him figure out what he needed to do, and he even made
changes to his meal times”, Niina says.

“The tests helped create
individual training plans
for the athletes.”
- Niina Sippola

Checkmylevel help you train right and be better.
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Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila
Tanja Alamikkelä / Stoorila


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