Norwegian national team CHECK their level.

We have had questions how Checkmylevel can help athletes and coaches. Here is some thoughts from Dr. Dave Cook whose team uses Checkmylevel.


In January 2013 the Norwegian martial arts federation, Kampsport, implemented the first ever full-time national Taekwondo system in response to the rapid increase in professionalism of this Olympic sport. As such this system encompassed the first ever full-time Norwegian National Taekwondo team with the aim to qualify and be successful in Rio, 2016.

At a similar time the sport of Taekwondo entered a new chapter with the implementation of regular World ranking international competitions (almost bi-weekly) and an additional Grand Prix series. When this is coupled with major championships, such as the World and European Championships, European games and the Olympic games the notion of general periodisation structures are somewhat redundant.

In order to facilitate optimal performance in such a schedule it is important to have a quantified perspective of the respective athletes and more importantly their recovery status between training and competition performance.

After reviewing the market for devices that may provide such information an interesting and somewhat unique approach came to the fore in the guise of the CHECK system. Having had equivocal experiences with using heart rate systems for similar profiles I was very interested in the more neuromuscular approach taken by the CHECK system. As such the norwegian national team has been using the team package offered by Checkmylevelsince the beginning of 2015, the start of a very important year with respect to Olympic qualification.

In this time the system has enabled me to effectively individualise recovery patterns through assessment of ’readiness’ and the constructs that form this measure. This is of particular importance during the tapering period prior to competition and such importance is magnified when athletes are required to ’cut’ weight. Furthermore, the stability of signal has given insight in to the possible occurrence of infection, enabling a quick referal to medical assessment.

The CHECK system has already proved itself to be a very useful tool to help inform decisions specific to indivual athletes in term of recovery, intensity of training and health.

Dr Dave Cook

Head Coach

Norwegian National Taekwondo Team.


Hope this will aswer some of the questions how you or your athletes can benefit from using Checkmylevel.



Terhi Huhtala
Terhi Huhtala


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