Introducing professional cyclist Sari Saarelainen


Professional Cyclist Sari Saarelainen has joined Team Checkmylevel. 


Hi Sari! How are you?

I`m very fine thanks! Training hard for the upcoming season.


What’s it like to be a professional cyclist?

Being a professional cyclist means countless hours of training, traveling and long races. It is 24/7 job.


How did you choose cycling?

My father is a cyclist and was a trainer for a young Finnish cyclists when I was a child. I traveled a lot with him, but the cyclists I saw were all men. One day on France on the track race, I saw women going fast on bike. Plus they were going fast, they also looked good on bike. That made me an impression! Next day I asked my dad to buy me a bike.


What do you consider as the most important qualities for a cyclist?

The most important qualities must be the perseverance. - Endurance sport like cycling nothing happens in one day, in one week, not even in one year. One must be prepared for years or decades of hard work.


Do you have a rememberable race or a competition from your career? What made it so special?

I have a lot of them but one must be the World Championships in 1998 in Valkenburg when I was close to winning. I was in attack with the Russian Olga Zabelinkaya (Gold Medalist in London 2012) until the last 5 km. On the sprint I finally did the 5th.


And how about a race that you would never want to experience again?

There isn´t such a thing. Every race have given me so much. Even from the worst race you can learn and become better.


How hard is it to recover back from tough races?

It is very hard. And this is what makes difference between the competitors: who is the better on recovering usually goes the fastest also.


So what’s next? What is your big goal?

My absolutely biggest goal is Rio 2016, no doubts.


Thanks Sari and welcome to Team Checkmylevel. We wish you all the best and success in your next races!

Thank you! And thank you for supporting me!


Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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