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Last week was a busy but rewarding week for us here at Checkmylevel. We had the privilege to attend North Europe’s biggest startup event Slush which brought together to Helsinki over 14.000 startup entrepreneurs, investors, executives and other startup-minded people from over 70 countries. The event featured several tracks and among them was health technology hosted by Health Spa. With some 150 health companies attending it was pretty clear that this sector is one of the most promising at the moment.


One of the most interesting topics in the event was learning from high-performance sports. In the panel former Formula-1 doctor Aki Hintsa had interesting angles to health devices and to use of that data.


Hintsa saw no conflict between top performance athletes and regular consumers using same digital health services. He said we all share the same physics, and the data tracked is individual and can be adjusted for different users based on the personal baseline (obvious difference whether you are a top athlete vs. Sunday runner). In the same panel he also announced the co-operation of his own company Hintsa Performance and a consumer training diary Heiaheia.


On the networking side it was easy to notice that there is a strong community building up in the health and wellness sector. Even though we were busy doing non-stop demos at our stand we also had the opportunity to chat with some of our fellow companies. For people into workout and sports we give a strong recommendation to check out at least the following players:



Ambronite is the world's first real food drinkable meal that fulfills the daily nutrition recommendations in 2 min.


Beddit is leading the world of unobtrusive sleep monitoring


A sensor+app solution that tracks your water intake and helps you hydrate better


Pioneer in contactless monitoring of physiologival signals in bed


Measures, analyzes and interprets your running skills and technique with two small wearable sensors.


Action-oriented wellness coach


Alongside all the great inspirational talks and people at Slush we had the pleasure of having fitness star Eveliina Tilstelgren (Twitter or Instagram) accompanying us by our stand. Eveliina was sharing her experiences about using Checkmylevel to monitor her recovery, and most importantly – doing hand stands for the audience. She is a true inspiration for all weekend warriors who are aiming to push it to the limit!

Hand stand by @eevsku at #slush14 #fitness #handstand #checkmylevel #awesomeness

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In overall, we roughly counted over 300 people visiting our booth during the event. Interesting fact was that even though this was a tech conference, almost half of the people we met were training with a goal-oriented mindset towards a personal target or a competition.


In fact, most of them had heard about Checkmylevel and were keen to start using the device to optimize their training: news about our Indiegogo campaign had spread out nicely. You can still support our funding goal by pre-ordering the device!

Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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