Interview with Marko Yrjövuori: How to keep NBA players in shape

We had the opportunity to interview Marko Yrjövuori who is the Team Therapist for the Los Angeles Lakers and has been using Checkmylevel Team Package.


Hi Marko! You’ve been working in top-level basketball for more than ten years. Please tell us a little bit about your career and how did you end up in basketball?

I was hired by NHL team Los Angeles Kings early 2000 as their trainer and therapist. When lockout of 2004 hit NHL, I was approached by LA Dodgers and LA Lakers. I chose the Lakers offer and I've been on that path since.


What is your typical work day like?

On practice day I show up around 9 AM to the training center and stay there basically till the last guy walks out. My job is to prepare the players for training and do rehabilitation during the team practice. After training I make sure they get all the treatments necessary to recover for the next event.

During game days we work all day. Usually I'm home around midnight. In NBA there are eight preseason games, 82 regular season games and the playoffs.


What do you think are the most important physical qualities of a pro basketball player in NBA?

Speed and explosiveness.


How do you see the balance between training and rest in NBA?

That is the biggest challenge for us. The teams have a busy game schedule and we travel a lot. There is very little or no time to recover in between the games.


Why did you choose Checkmylevel system to assist you in monitoring your athletes and their recovery?

First of all it's very easy to use. Checkmylevel gives me an accurate way to measure athletes neuromuscular readiness for activity.


How do you see that Checkmylevel has helped you and your players?

It gives me and the athlete a good indication if there is need for adjustment on their program. Especially during the off-season training and also when we are trying to reach the athletes peak condition.


Thank you Marko!


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