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We at Checkmylevel are very proud to announce a global Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign launching today!

This is also the global launch for our consumer product that has been only available in Europe and for some selected professional teams outside Europe.

With the help of this campaign we are looking to raise $80,000 for the development of Checkmylevel’s API, allowing data about fatigue and recovery to be used with third party services. Once raised, the first of these will be Beddit, the best sleep monitoring system in the market. Using data from both, Checkmylevel can offer users guidance on whether they should train or not. The more third party services added the more sophisticated Checkmylevel becomes. We want to hear your suggestions!

We want to go one step further though as we believe it’s no longer enough to just give people recommendations based on one set of data. Our planned API and integration with other services that monitor our lifestyles will take every facet of our lives into account. 

Our pre-order perks range from $19 up to $2,990, catering for individuals, teams and distributors. Featured perks are Checkmylevel Starter Pack $199 and Checkmylevel-Beddit -bundle for $299. Note that these prices are discounted from our standard prices.  By backing our campaign you'll be among the first ones to receive access to our API and integration with Beddit. Product deliveries will be made in February 2015.

To make the campaign successful we also need your help. If you find our story compelling please share our campaign in your own network: blogs, social media or by email. Also the Indiegogo share tools are very useful.

Visit the Indiegogo page here: http://igg.me/at/checkmylevel


Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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