Goal-driven training isn’t a walk in a park


What are you training for? Is your mind set on breaking records or winning medals in speed, strength or skill? Do you aim at exceeding yourself by completing something that is a stretch for you - be it a 10k run, a marathon, a full triathlon? Or is your focus on losing weight or just plain staying healthy?


Every one of these goals is equally valuable, just like every other goal. We happily encourage everyone to exercise, in his or her own way, whatever the motivation. Having said that, at Checkmylevel we’re all about goal-driven training.


Our focus is in serving people that struggle with optimal performance gain not because they train too little but because they train too hard.


We know from personal experience that nothing is more frustrating than having to slow down when training hard to reach a goal. Here, if anywhere, we need all the support we can get to make the right decision.


The Checkmylevel solution is specifically developed to help optimize training intensity, in order to improve performance and minimize risks. To do this, we provide answers to two key questions:


1) How hard can I train today?


Successful management of training intensity is nothing short of crucial. With an inspiring goal in sight, it’s so very human to disregard all distractions -- even the messages our own body tries to tell us.


2) How is my body doing today?


Real-time data of our condition right now is a big thing. While our body actually shows signs of emerging issues way earlier than it is possible to notice them, we’re way too often late to react on them.


Training hard at a wrong time not only compromises performance gain, but also significantly increases risks of injury. For that reason predictive information is key: a forward notice of a decreased reaction time might be the very thing to prevent an injury that sacrifices our ability to reach the goal we have set our minds on.


Real-time data gives a stronger voice to gut feelings we might otherwise ignore.


With today’s sensor technology and smart algorithms, we can dramatically boost our understanding of how our body works. We now have the ability to know when the time is right for different kinds of exercise methods, ultimately improving our performance.


Now set your goal, envision your path, and leverage today’s technology to stay on track!

Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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