Therapist for the LA Lakers, a pro cyclist and a triathlete recommend Checkmylevel

We are happy to announce that our tribe is getting stronger!

We have just released new testimonials from Coach Marko Yrjövuori (Member of The Los Angeles Lakers Training Staff and Medical Trainer for the National Basketball team of Finland), pro-cyclist Sari Saarelainen and triathlete Chris Pitzak on our website.

Marko has been using Checkmylevel with his athletes in a club level as well as National team. Marko says Checkmylevel has opened a completely new dimension for him to monitor the recovery and readiness of his athletes. "Checkmylevel has proven to be an essential tool for me and my athletes, especially when traveling", Marko concludes.

Sari Saarelainen is pro cyclist driving currently for Forno d'Asolo Astute Manhattan team. She says touring all year round can be very tiresome and therefore it is important to follow readiness. "With Checkmylevel I've noticed that not only the physiological stress but also factors like jetlag and lack of quality sleep play an important role in my readiness to train or compete" , says Sari Saarelainen.

Chris is a ex-pro volley ball player now turned semi-pro triathlete. "Working hard and training hard is not an optimal state for ones body. To balance these two I think Checkmylevel is by far the best tool in the market."


We will be releasing in depth interviews of Marko, Sari and Chris in our upcoming blog posts.

Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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