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(Update: Campaign ended on 31st of October)


Production of Checkmylevel assessment devices is now in full speed, following the launch of the new mobile app in the end of July. The more user-friendly and informative app and increased production volumes now allow us to reach out beyond our first users, professional athletes and coaches.


We’re all excited to bring faster, more accurate and real-time training readiness assessment available to everyone interested in improving their performance while managing stress and risks.


We thought it’s only fair to share our excitement, so we decided to offer new Checkmylevel customers a risk-free 45-day trial, to see for yourself how Checkmylevel helps you in monitoring your progress and planning your training schedule.


Why 45 days? Because we’re committed to helping our users understand how their body works. We know from experience that the longer an athlete uses Checkmylevel, the more accurate and beneficial the results prove to be.


For the same reason we don’t simply compare assessment results to averages or standards but insist on taking the first week of using Checkmylevel to create a personal baseline. So stick with it: taking this time is essential to ensure you’ll get data and recommendations that are just for you.


Now go ahead, take a leap towards your training goal, and order your Checkmylevel starter pack here!

Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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