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We’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to make Checkmylevel even better for our users. Now, we are proud to announce our updated mobile app version 2.0 with some great new features.


The visual look of the app has been updated completely. The graphical image now uses white background with green text according to our new visual image. Feature-wise the main update has been dividing the latest result and history data in separate tabs. Now, the user can quickly check the latest result after doing the assessment but can also come back to the app to analyze past data.



Readiness display has been adjusted to a scale from 0-100% which makes it easier for the user to interpret his recovery level. While readiness remains as the main output value, the app is now also giving recommendations for endurance and strength training. General training recommendation feature remains quite much the same as in the previous version of the app. General training recommendation is based on five different zones that are the following:

  • 0-20%     Dark red = Get help
  • 20-50%   Normal red = Slow down, Yellow = Decrease intensity
  • 50-90%   Normal green = Keep going
  • 90-100% Dark green = Increase intensity


The graph in the analysis tab has been updated. Due to slick new design and light background color the graph is much easier to read. It displays the previous seven assessments where user is able to change the range based on personal preferences. The app also shows the weekly high and weekly low values. Below the graph there is a pie chart showing a breakdown of the past 30 days’ assessment. This is a really interesting feature when there is enough data about the user e.g. does the breakdown look alerting in terms of total days when user is not recovering? 



This was just a summary about the update. The best way to experience our new app is to update your smart phone with the latest version. Here are also the direct links for Android and iPhone. We really hope you enjoy using Checkmylevel assessment device together with our new slick app!


Ps. For new orders we are giving 20% discount when buying Checkmylevel Starter Pack from our online store using code "newapp". Offer valid until 15th of August

Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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