Have you recovered from your last workout? How can you be sure?

We have some great news to share with you since we've teamed up with the leading Cross Fit training diary - WODConnect!

Recovery is probably the most underestimated challenge that CrossFit has to offer. Advanced athletes know their body well, and can estimate how hard they should exercise on a given day, but for beginners, this can be hard or even impossible to do.

We proudly announce co-operation with WODConnect. From now on you can track down your training diary on WODConnect and automatically pull your readiness data from Check My Level online service. WODconnect Pro users can now connect their Check My Level account to WODconnect.

Your readiness score will be shown in your WODConnect gym feed:

Get your CHECK™ Starter Pack here. You get 10% off with the code wodconnect (reduced price is shown after the checkout).

What is WODConnect?

  • For athletes: A tool that makes following your progress easier and shows you what to work on next (workouts, skills, strength) to become better athlete. Move larger loads, longer distances, quicker.
  • For coaches: Understand your athletes current condition, history and background better. Coach more often and even virtually.
  • For gyms: Easier payment handling, replace point of sales and simple customer management

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Ville Simola
Ville Simola


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